jQuery HTML Table Row Column Highlight on Hover

HTML Table Row Column

We are using this table for highlighting row and column using jQuery.

<table class="tutorial-table">
		<th class="table-header" width="10%">Q.No.</th>
		<th class="table-header">Question</th>
		<th class="table-header">Answer</th>
	  <tr class="table-row">
		<td>What is PHP?</td>
		<td>A server side scripting language.</td>
	  <tr class="table-row">
		<td>What is php.ini?</td>
		<td>The configuration file.</td>
	  <tr class="table-row">
		<td>How to set PHP configuration?</td>
		<td>By using php.ini configuration file.</td>

jQuery Row Column Highlight on Hover

This jQuery code is used to invoke hover() on the mouseover event of the table row(tr) and table-head(TH) elements. This will execute jQuery highlight functions by changing the corresponding CSS properties.

	$(document).ready(function() {
		$('.table-row').hover(function() {             
		}, function() {
		$("th").hover(function() {
			var index = $(this).index();
			$("th.table-header, td").filter(":nth-child(" + (index+1) + ")").addClass("current-col");
			$("th.table-header").filter(":nth-child(" + (index+1) + ")").css("background-color","#999")
		}, function() {
			var index = $(this).index();
			$("th.table-header, td").removeClass("current-col");
			$("th.table-header").filter(":nth-child(" + (index+1) + ")").css("background-color","#F5F5F5")

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